Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to save your Outlook Express Email?

Saving your Outlook Express email to a backup is very important, as this backup copy is the only way to recover your mail after a crash caused by problems such as viruses, hdd crashes, accidental deletion or other disasters.

If your Outlook Express deletes the email on the server after downloading ( by default it does ) all your emails are stored only on your computer inside .dbx files. If a virus or other malware cause your computer to crash, you can easily reinstall Windows and other software from their original CDs, but how would you recover your precious mail?

The only way to avoid losing your mail is to save backup copies of it. You could manually go and copy these files to an archived file every once in a while, but this is burdensome and inefficient. That's why you need a software tool that saves your Outlook Express email automatic at regular times to a backup file.

The best software tool for this is Outlook Express Backup Genie. Not only that is saves your emails automated at the specified time period, but it also can transfer it to an other PC, and it supports the top 8 popular email clients, such as Outlook Express, Ms Outlook, Eudora, Incredimail and more.


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