Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to Run System Restore in Safe Mode?

Restart your computer in Safe Mode. When you start, you will notice that the System Restore Option will not be available in the Applications folder as it would usually do when doing system restores in normal mode. In lieu of this method, go to the Help and Support Center which can be found in the start menu.

The Help and Support Center Window will open. Click on the Performance and Maintenance link and then click on System Restore to undo Changes. Lastly, Click on Run the System Restore Wizard.

The System Restore Wizard will open and the steps to completing the restoration will be the same as the performing the restoration in normal mode. Once the restoration is complete, your computer will automatically restart itself into normal mode.

Remember that your computer is limited to basic functions when in Safe Mode, and this does NOT include the automatic creation of restore points. This means that restorations in Safe Mode cannot be reversed like the usual. You can, however, do another restoration in normal mode to a date that is later than the date you restored to in safe mode, if the restoration in Safe Mode happened to be an earlier date.

Also, take note that you may have to re-install certain applications that were installed later than the date the computer was restored, since you can reverse the restoration as you will also recover the malfunctions you were trying to fix in the first place.


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