Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Make Your Computer Live Longer?

Sometime I think losing a laptop is almost as traumatic as losing a pet. You spend so much time and effort getting to know what it, trying new things. You waste hours of your life playing with it. It even follows you around.

Okay, so I might be pushing the analogy, but the truth is, most of us don"t have the money to get a new laptop every 6 months. We"d like to keep the one we have alive and running for as long as possible.

So here are a few useful little tips that might extend the life your computer. Don"t worry, you probably already know them, but reminders never hurt anyone:

1. Shut it Down: This may sound simple but many of us just close the lid, turn of the monitor or set it to sleep mode. Completely shutting your computer down will keep it from overheating and leaking memory. Think of your computer like your brain, it can"t function without a good night"s sleep.

2. Defrag!: Again, another simple "duh" moment. Defrag your computer. Most PCs will even let you set up a regular defrag schedule once a week. Cleaning up your files on a regular basis will also keep your computer functioning at optimal speed.

3. Keep it Clean: During your regularly scheduled defrag, go ahead and run a scan for viruses, spyware, malware, all that bad stuff you can pick on the internet. Find a good program to keep your PC"s health good.

4. Don"t Drop It: Look, be nice to your laptops. Keep them in safe places, don"t expose them to weird temperatures and be sure not to eat or drink near them if possible. Also pets. I lost a laptop a few years ago to a cat pouncing on and then hairballing all over my keys, it broke my screen and something gross seeped into the circuitry. Trust me, helping your computer and your pets avoid each other is a good idea.

These might not be the most enlightening tips, but they"ll go along way in keeping your computer chugging along for an extra year or so.

Do you have tips for adding an extra life to your laptop?



Ashutosh Tiwari said...

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computer problems said...

Just an addition on how how to make your computer last longer is do not leave your computer on specially if your not using it. The electronics devices of your computer might be damaged because it is sensitive to heat. Also, simple and easy way is to put it on a safe and keep out reach of children areas.

IT Services Perth said...

Another thing to remember is also to not spill any water or chemicals on it. If you do spill water on your laptop, turn it off immediately and unplug it from the power. DO NOT turn it back on for a few days, the reason for this is because if you have water on the motherboard or any laptop internals, it gives it a few days to dry off. After a few days of it being off, turn it back on and it should work fine again.

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