Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to Connect Two Computers to One Printer?

Choose your method for sharing the printer. You have the choice of establishing a network or setting up a print server. Setting up a print server requires more hardware in addition to setting up a network, while solely setting up a network cuts down on clutter in your office.

There are the steps to Follow to connect two computers to one printer:
  • Connect the primary, or first, computer to the printer. This is done traditionally with a printer cable linking the primary computer to the printer. If this is the first time the computer is hooked up to the printer, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and setup.
  • Change the settings on the primary computer to allow sharing of the printer. Go through the control panel menu option, and select printers. Right-click on the printer selection and choose "Share printer." You are now able to share the printer with any other computers on your network.
  • Connect the secondary computer to the printer. Access the shared printer option from the secondary computer. Select "network neighborhood" and locate the primary computer. Double-click on the primary computer, and the shared resources will become available. Double-click on the printer. You can now utilize the printer from both computers.


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