Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to Prevent Email Hacking

If someone were to hack your email account, it could mean big trouble. He could read your private messages, send out spam mail or make your messages public. Naturally, you want to take the steps necessary to prevent email hacking, but the process could be intimidating if you aren't technically gifted. Fortunately, by making smart choices and by using additional tools to scan for potential security holes, you can reduce the chances that a hacker can get into your account.

Instructions to prevent email hacking

1) Choose a complex password. If you use a simple password such as "password" or "princess," it makes it easy for people to guess your password. This is especially true if your potential hackers are friends and family members who might try to guess. Instead, choose a password that makes use of both capital and lower case letters, numbers and special characters like the percent or dollar sign.

2) Change your password regularly. Every month, make a point of changing your password to a new complex password.

3) Run anti-virus software. An anti-virus software program can help you to recognize unusual activity on your computer, which could be someone trying to hack your email account. The software will ask you whether you want to remove the program.

4) Use an anti-keylogger program. Anti-virus software doesn't always catch keylogging software, which records what you type on your computer--including passwords. Anti-keylogging software specifically scans your computer for this type of activity. There are many free versions of this program available.



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